Edge Reveals The Origins Of His WWE Ring Name

Few in the pro wrestling industry have made the impact Edge has in WWE's tag team division, its mid-card, and its main event scene. And while he's brought different levels to his unique, unhinged character, he's always been known as Edge.

"I actually came up with Edge," the WWE Hall of Famer told Fox News. "I would have preferred Adam Copeland, but that wasn't the way it really worked [in that era], right?"

The inspiration for Edge, with his long hair and desire to drift alone, came from an unlikely source.

"Don Callis and I were driving, and the radio station, it was in Albany, and it was 'Edge 1-0-something,' and growing up in Toronto, Edge 102 was always one of my favorite stations," he said. "I was like, 'Hmm, that has a bit of a rock 'n' roll feel to it, Edge.' They were tossing around names like Rage, Riot, and you know, it was the late '90s, right? I just thought, 'Edge, I'll throw that out there.' At least that's something I could relate to a little bit better. And it stuck."

The rock-n-roll music and themes also gave him inspiration on how to present future versions of his character, like the Rated R Superstar, who was all about sex, violence, and attitude. 

Edge remains an active competitor in WWE today, with a match against Damian Priest scheduled for this Monday's "WWE Raw" in his hometown of Toronto, Canada. Alongside Rey and Dominik Mysterio, Edge has been feuding with Priest and his fellow faction members, The Judgment Day, for months. Edge was originally the leader of the sinister group, but would ultimately be betrayed by them earlier this summer, setting the stage for their ongoing rivalry and Edge's return to the company at WWE SummerSlam.