Bobby Fish Would 'Go To War' For Recently Promoted WWE Executive

Since Paul "Triple H" Levesque has been put in charge of WWE's main roster creative department, there has been an instant impact, with a focus on longer matches and many former WWE stars being brought back to the company. Bobby Fish was someone who thrived under Levesque's booking during his time as part of the Undisputed Era faction in "WWE NXT," and Fish recently weighed in on the changes that have taken place in WWE.


"I think Triple H running creative is great for everybody involved," Fish told K&S WrestleFest. "I have nothing but, you know, proud memories of my time working for that man, and you know, I would go to war for him seven days a week, he was awesome to work for."

Fish worked under The Game throughout his entire run with "NXT" before he was released by the company in August 2021, and he believes that even at the time, Levesque was thinking long-term, which could have been a factor in the likes of Hit Row and Karrion Kross being brought back into the fray in recent weeks. 

"He had pieces in place for a reason, I think he had a concept moving forward, and I think he's a forward thinker when it comes to booking," Fish said. "There was reason then to why those people were hired, and I'm sure there's reason now as to why they've been hired again. I'm sure he has a plan for these people, and that's what makes him as good and as effective at his job as he is."


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