CM Punk Makes Reference To Current WWE Star On AEW Dynamite

On "AEW Dynamite" this week, AEW World Champion CM Punk opened the show. He cut a fiery promo on AEW Interim World Champion, Jon Moxley, even inciting a fight between himself and Mox. He wouldn't stop at Moxley though, as Punk would go after long-time rival Eddie Kingston as well.

"His [Moxley] best friend [Kingston] is the third best Eddie I've shared the ring with," Punk said. Punk had matches across the independent wrestling scene with Eddie Vegas. Punk also had a few surprising matches with WWE Hall of Famer, the late Eddie Guerrero.

Punk's verbal attack on Eddie Kingston didn't end there. He continued to antagonize and made reference to a former WWE Champion in the process. 

"He is the second best Kingston I have shared a locker room with," Punk said. 

With that line, Punk was referencing current WWE "SmackDown" star, Kofi Kingston. During their early years in WWE, Punk and Kingston formed a tag team and won the WWE World Tag Team Championship together. Though their team split after they lost the titles they remained friends over the years.

Eddie Kingston was not pleased to hear his name mentioned during "Dynamite". He shared his reaction in a post on Twitter.

Kofi Kingston wasn't the only WWE star Punk referenced. He alluded to Moxley's days in The Shield and even dropped a subtle hint to sixteen-time world champion, John Cena. Punk said once he defeats Moxley, he'll be "The second best Jon [John] he's beaten for a title in Chicago."

Punk will get his chance to prove he's better than Moxley, and the match will come sooner than many fans expected. AEW announced the title unification match will take place on next week's episode of "Dynamite".