Billy Corgan Hopes Tony Khan Wakes Up To Idea That Could Help Him Rival WWE

Wrestling promotions working hand-in-hand is something that fans are eager to see nowadays, and previously that was a situation that NWA and AEW had, with talent appearing back and forth over a period of time. But that hasn't happened in over a year. AEW boss Tony Khan got the wrestling world talking by revealing that he paid for all the AEW talent that appeared on NWA's EmPowerrr PPV, but despite that, NWA owner Billy Corgan insists that "everything is kind of cool" between them.

"He has his version, I have my version," he told Ariel Helwani. "I don't think we need to legislate it in public, there's no real heat. I think Tony is in a very unique position, and there's things I have told Tony in private that are now starting to come true, that I would hope he would remember some of those things that I told him." The working relationship between NWA and AEW that did exist was one that proved to be beneficial at the time, providing fresh matches on a regular basis, with some of the NWA Titles being showcased on "AEW Dynamite" in featured bouts. "I am sort of a transparent, honest broker in the wrestling business," Corgan said. "I want Tony Khan to succeed, Tony Khan is actually good for NWA business, he's charting paths and opening doors that I can't open, he's proving that WWE doesn't run the entire wrestling business."

Billy Corgan urges Tony Khan to wake up

Khan's statements about paying for his talent and believing he deserved more credit didn't put the NWA in the greatest of light, and that is something that was picked up by the media at the time, which is why Corgan "didn't like" the comments. "Those are things that should be kept off grid, because Tony's part of an NFL franchise, I am a 'legendary rockstar' you put those two names together they transcend the normal boundaries of wrestling gossip," he said. "So, now we are taking a wrestling gossip thing and we are spilling it across in other things ... I don't want to play those games. I really do want to be in business with Tony Khan, Scott D'Amore, I would really love to talk to Triple H about being in business again now that he's fully in charge of the WWE Universe, I think that the NWA is open for business."

Recently, fans got to enjoy a major cross-promoted event in the form of AEW/NJPW Forbidden Door. The show proved to be commercially and financially successful, while the in-ring product and dream matches on display left fans impressed, leaving fans wanting more. "I am hopeful that the day will come when Tony Khan, particularly, will wake up and realize that if he can put together a supershow of every non-WWE promotion, it will rival WrestleMania in draw and focus," Corgan claimed. "That opportunity is sitting there today, you don't have to wait for it, it exists, and the NWA has proven that it can be a vital part of something like that in terms of the promotion of it."

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