Max Caster Recalls 'Life Changing Moment' From AEW Dumpster Match

AEW's The Acclaimed, made up of Max Caster and Anthony Bowens, worked in tandem with The Gunn Club for several weeks before the group fell apart and began fighting each other. It all led to a dumpster match on a recent edition of "AEW Dynamite" that saw The Acclaimed pull out the victory after shutting Austin and Colten into a dumpster and sending it flying off the entrance stage. There was one particular moment in the match that will forever stand out in Caster's mind because of his fearlessness when it occurred. "That was a life-changing moment for me jumping off the top of that tunnel," Caster told "PWInsider." "I watch it back periodically, and you see the fear in my eyes, and when I got back to the locker room a lot of the guys were saying, 'Man, that was great, but the camera caught your face, and you said f**k just as you're about to jump.”

Diving off a towering structure may seem like child's play to daredevils like Jeff Hardy and Darby Allin, but for the average pro wrestler, putting your health at risk for extreme spots isn't expected." I walked away having done something that I was petrified of — to climb up there alone is scary, but to jump off? It's crazy." Ultimately, Caster sees it as a wild moment that will forever bond him with the viewers watching at home and in the arenas. "I love the fans even more because they were with me at the top of that tunnel. I'm like, 'Come on, guys, give me something, and they gave me all they had. And I felt, 'Okay, here we go,' and I jumped." Last night on "Dynamite," The Gunn Club turned on their dad Billy Gunn, with The Acclaimed rescuing him.