The Ass Boys Give Updates Following Scary Dumpster Spot On AEW Dynamite

It's pretty safe to say that last night's "AEW Dynamite" wasn't a great one for The Ass Boys, aka The Artists Also Known as The Gunn Club. Despite a valiant effort, Austin and Colten Gunn fell short to The Acclaimed in a Dumpster Match, and then proceeded to take a plunge, in the dumpster, off the stage. To ask how the Gunns were feeling this morning would be more than a fair question.

So how are the Ass Boys feeling? Austin and Colten Gunn both released updates earlier this morning on Twitter.

"We're fine..everything's fine," Austin tweeted.

Just a minute before, Colten also took to Twitter to discuss the health of the Ass Boys', well, asses.

"We're alive...I hate everything" Colten tweeted.

Those waiting for Billy Gunn, who was quickly disposed of by Anthony Bowens and Max Caster prior to the match last night, will, unfortunately, have to wait. As of this writing, there has been no comment from Daddy Ass on his sons' defeat, nor their dumpster dive.

As for whether or not Austin and Colten were in the dumpster during the plunge off the ramp, Figure Four Online's Bryan Alvarez provided a scoop early Thursday afternoon, also confirming The Ass Boys' health status.

"So as it turns out the Ass Boys WERE inside that dumpster, but somehow they were fine afterward," Alvarez tweeted.

The Dumpster Match between the Ass Boys and The Acclaimed was wild both during, after, and even before the match began, with the highlight arguably being Max Caster's pre-match rap. The AEW star referenced the recent retirement of former WWE CEO Vince McMahon to a big reaction from the "AEW Dynamite" crowd. It's the second time Caster has mentioned McMahon in rap recently, having brought up McMahon's NDA's during a rap on "AEW Rampage" back in June.