New Promotional Graphic Hints At Which Brands Will Be Involved In WWE Survivor Series

With November approaching, we tread closer and closer to one of WWE's biggest annual premium live events: Survivor Series. WWE is personally starting to advertise for the show, including creating a new graphic that might give some insight on which WWE brands will be featured.

The most recent promotional graphic for Survivor Series 2022 shows a glowing banner around the event's title, which is part blue and part red. There is no yellow or multi-colored part of the logo or poster, possibly indicating that "NXT" won't have much involvement, if any at all, with the PLE. Past editions of Survivor Series have put a major spotlight on the development brand of the company, especially in 2019, when "NXT" actually came out victorious in four of the seven cross-brand matches — "WWE SmackDown" won two, while "WWE Raw's" sole win was on the pre-show. "NXT" hasn't had the same opportunities at Survivor Series events since then, being left off the cards completely in both 2020 and 2021. With "NXT's" founder, Paul "Triple H" Levesque, in charge of creative, it would stand to reason that "NXT" stars could compete at Survivor Series once again, but the new graphic suggests that will not be the case — though of course, this hasn't been confirmed.

There have also been rumblings among the internet wrestling community that a WarGames match might occur at this year's Survivor Series. Levesque brought the two-cage gimmick match back to "NXT" in 2017, and it has since become an annual event for the brand. Survivor Series seems like the perfect opportunity to bring the giant structure to the main roster in its annual battle for brand supremacy.