Paul Roma Recalls The Moment He Realized Hulk Hogan's Act Was 'Bullsh*t'

The red and yellow of Hulkamania isn't pumping through Paul Roma's veins. The former Four Horseman brought up Hulk Hogan in a new interview with "Cheap Heat Productions Podcast." Roma gave Hogan credit for his showmanship, but that's where any adulation ended.

"He can't wrestle," Roma said. "All joking aside, he can't wrestle. He was a great showman, they put a lot of money behind him and they made it work, right?

"Hogan started believing his own bullsh*t, you know what I mean? 'Hey, I'm really beating Andre The Giant.' No, you're not. No, you're not. 'Hey guy, hit me with your finish, I'm gonna kick out of it,' of course you are. You kick out of everybody's finish, that's what you do, but at the end of the day, you're just a punk ass."

Roma wrestled for Vince McMahon from 1984-1991 and his first impression of Hogan was "cordial." He recalls working out overseas with him and riding in his limo with him.

The Moment That Changed Roma's Opinion

Roma says he considered Hogan a stand-up guy until he saw a moment when WWE was in Detroit and a group of sick children was brought in for an informal meet and greet session with the WWE Superstars. Everyone exchanged pleasantries, and Hogan was approached once more when the meeting was over.

"They said, 'Hey there's another kid, can you come over here?' to [Hogan], and he's like, 'What the hell? We're not getting paid for this.'" That's when Roma checked out of Hulkamania.

"So this is all bullsh*t? Say your prayers and take your vitamins?'" Roma said, "And you know what? It's all bullsh*t. So again, there were very few that what they said, they didn't practice what they preached. Let's just leave it like that."

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