Finn Balor Debuts New Theme Music On WWE Raw

Finn Balor walked out to brand new theme music ahead of his match against Dolph Ziggler on the 8/22 episode of "WWE Raw."

The new music, shared by WWE's Twitter account, sounded like a remixed version of the "Catch your Breath" theme he had been using since his "NXT" days.

Balor went on to defeat Ziggler with a Coup de Grace in a back-and-forth match that lasted nearly 15 minutes.

Prior to the match, Balor and Rhea Ripley interrupted Ziggler's backstage promo segment, comparing the Show Off to Edge and Rey Mysterio, noting how they all seem to be obsessed with attaching themselves to younger Superstars to stay relevant. When Balor told Ziggler that he has nothing to learn from the likes of him, Ziggler pointed out how they were about the same age [Dolph is 42, Balor is 41]. Ziggler then knocked Balor down with a slap to the face before asking Balor if he plans to sit on his behind or get ready to face him in the ring. Although the match was advertised earlier, this was WWE's way of setting it up for TV.

It appears Judgment Day will continue to target veteran Superstars going forward. In a backstage segment later, they continued to mock Mysterio and Edge, and made some wisecracks about Rhea Ripley manhandling Dominik Mysterio on a weekly basis. 

Balor has been on a winning streak of late, defeating Rey Mysterio on the August 8 "Raw" and Mustafa Ali at several live events prior to his victory against Ziggler. In fact, Balor hasn't lost a singles match on TV since losing to Damian Priest and Theory in early-mid April.