Dexter Lumis Attacks And Drags Away WWE Star During Match On Raw

For a third week in a row, Dexter Lumis made his presence felt on "WWE Raw" during a match involving AJ Styles.

However, we now know that Lumis was targeting The Miz all along, and not The Phenomenal One.

During the Styles & Bobby Lashley vs. Ciampa & The Miz tag team bout, Styles took out The Miz with a flying forearm to the outside. Just as The Miz tried to catch his breath on the floor, a hooded man reached over the barricade and tried to choke out Styles. However, security officials mobbed the man in the nick of time to prevent any outside interference. Surprisingly, the hooded man was revealed to be someone else, not Lumis.

Just then, a security guard wearing a helmet and a shield sneaked up behind The Miz. He would then remove the helmet to reveal himself to be Lumis, inciting a loud pop from the fans at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto. Lumis then put The Miz in a chokehold and pulled him over the barricade, dragging him up the arena concourse.

After the match ended in a no-contest, Styles and Lashley continued a beat down on Ciampa in the ring.

The announcers then replayed the footage of Lumis choking out The Miz. Corey Graves acknowledged that Lumis had been wreaking havoc on "WWE Raw" for weeks despite not having an active contract with the company.

Fans on social media believe the other hooded man trying to attack Styles was part of a swerve. Another theory doing the rounds is Lumis attacked The Miz to send a message to Styles, his original target. Clearly, there's a lot of unanswered questions as it pertains to the storyline.