Dexter Lumis Strikes Again On WWE Raw

A week after being escorted out of the arena by cops, Dexter Lumis made his presence felt in more ways than one on the August 16 episode of "WWE Raw." 

The first Lumis sighting came during a heated confrontation between Theory and Dolph Ziggler. Just as the two men brawled in a backstage ring, and officials stepped in to try and break them up, a hand was shown by a door in the background. Although the hand was never acknowledged by the announcers, fans on social media believe it was Lumis trying to sneak into the arena while the backstage crew was distracted.

A little later on the show, Drew McIntyre randomly encountered smoke coming out of a barrel in the backstage area as he prepared to walk to the ring for his promo segment. Once again, the announcers did not mention the strange occurrence.

And finally, during the AJ Styles vs. Bobby Lashley United States Title match, Lumis jumped the rail but he was swiftly tackled and taken down by security officials. The moment occurred just as Styles was tossed to the ringside area during his physical bout with the All Mighty. Interestingly, The Miz, who was ringside for the match, did not have any reaction to Lumis jumping the rail, and the announcers' audio cut out and USA Network quickly went into to a commercial break.

After the commercial break, however, Jimmy Smith did acknowledge that it was Lumis who was being escorted out of the arena. This promoted Corey Graves to ask Smith to not "waste time" talking about Lumis.

WWE announcers did not acknowledge the strange events leading to Lumis' return last week as well, be it the backstage car accident or the moment when Alexa Bliss and Asuka were being interviewed with cops examining the crashed car in the background.

Interestingly, Lumis has jumped the rail two weeks in a row during matches involving Styles, which could mean that he set his sights on The Phenomenal One. As of this writing, WWE has yet to acknowledge Lumis as a member of the WWE roster.