Kevin Nash Recalls Smoking Hash With Fellow WWE Hall Of Famers

Two-time WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash is no stranger to breaking the rules from time to time, including outside the ring.

"We score some hash, and Scott [Hall] and Shawn [Michaels] are like, 'Let's get stoned,'" Nash said on his "Kliq This" podcast when discussing his time in WWE. "Hash is more like a body bust ... I went out [to the ring], man, and I was so f***ing stoned and I was so f***ing chill."

According to Nash the three men were smoking the aforementioned hash in an alley when an officer saw them from afar, unsure of what they were doing.

"Scott didn't panic," Nash said. "[The officer] said, "Ah, f*** off. Don't be pissing in the f***ing alleyway."

Nash, Michaels, and Hall were memorable part of the group that gave Nash's podcast its name, and that was involved in one of the most infamous moments in wrestling history — the Curtain Call. With Nash and Hall preparing to jump over to WCW while Michaels and fellow Kliq member Triple H stayed in WWE, the group all hugged in the center of the ring one night despite the fact that they were supposed to be enemies, largely destroying whatever remained of the notion that wrestling wasn't scripted. Triple H was the only wrestler who was punished for the incident, as Vince McMahon couldn't punish Nash and Hall, who were gone from the company, and Michaels was one of, if not the biggest star in WWE.

McMahon definitely would have punished them if he'd found out about the hash-smoking, though.

"Vince would've fired us," Nash said.

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