AEW And WWE NXT To Go Head-To-Head One More Time

The "Wednesday Night Wars" might be a thing of the past, but due to the MLB playoff schedule on TBS, "AEW Dynamite" and "WWE NXT" are set to go head to head one more time in October. 

The two shows originally competed on a Wednesday, and it was Tony Khan's company that came out on top, with "WWE NXT" then moving to Tuesday's following WWE WrestleMania 37. The show has remained there ever since, eventually transitioning to "WWE NXT 2.0." But with the baseball playoffs taking place in Fall, AEW has confirmed that the upcoming Cincinnati date will be taking place on Tuesday, October 18 rather than the traditional Wednesday slot. 

This means that "AEW Dynamite" will be back in competition with WWE's developmental brand once more, for the first time in over a year, with both shows likely to load up their line ups on that night to try and draw in the biggest rating possible. 

Since "WWE NXT" was last competing with AEW, there have been plenty of major backstage changes, with Shawn Michaels now being in charge of creative while Triple H has moved on to head up the department for the main roster. 

Right now, it is unknown if there will be any other dates changed right now, but if the American League Championship goes to a game seven on October 26th, then that could be another time that "AEW Dynamite" is affected, potentially having to run after that airs or on another day in the week.