Tony Khan Thinks AEW Should Make Wednesday Night War Doc Titled “75-1”

Over the course of four months, All Elite Wrestling has managed to add all three of the Undisputed Era's founding members. Adam Cole's shock debut at AEW All Out in September was followed up by Bobby Fish's introduction in October, and climaxed with Kyle O'Reilly's arrival this past December.

While O'Reilly has aligned himself with his former Undisputed Era stablemates, things were less than civil between him and Cole the last time they shared screen time. Speaking to Barstool Rasslin', AEW President Tony Khan addressed the bad blood between the Violent Artist and the Panama City Playboy, but noted how successful those three men have been when they're in the ring together.

"They still have issues," Khan said. "So like, when [Kyle O'Reilly] came in, obviously, it's a proven act. We have done great numbers. The only time in the demo in the 'Wednesday Night War,' which somebody told me, and it's good advice, maybe we should make our own documentary of the 'Wednesday Night War.'"

Khan expanded upon this idea of a 'Wednesday Night Wars' documentary, and pitched a new title for for it.

"I feel like it's a really good idea. Not any revisions, be like, we could call it like, whatever it was, 76-1 or 75-1," Khan said. "The '1' in 75, 76 to 1 involved Adam Cole in a huge match. Most of the good quarters and good numbers I thought he was such an important part of it, but also you can't overlook like you said, Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish."

As Khan alluded to, the one time NXT topped AEW Dynamite in the 18-49 demographic was during a December 2019 episode bookended by two marquee title bouts. This particular episode of NXT TV opened with a commercial-free title match between then-NXT Champion Adam Cole defending against Finn Bálor, and was main-evented by Rhea Ripley ending the 416-day reign of then-NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler.

The group that shocked the system for the black and gold brand for nearly four years have already brought strong numbers to AEW programming.

"When Bobby Fish came in, again it made total sense. What, are we not going to put Bobby Fish and Adam Cole back together? Adam Cole is with the Young Bucks, so how does that work?" Khan said. "And they had a great match, an eight-man tag that was tremendous against the Best Friends with Orange Cassidy, and when Orange Cassidy and the Best Friends faced them it really helped give a surge for Rampage. Because if you study the numbers and look, they had the biggest match we've had there in a long time and we did a big number and we were up like 29% week over week. And then the next week we came back on Christmas and we were up another 9% with the Cody winning the TNT Title from Sammy."

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit Barstool Rasslin' with an h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.