More Backstage News On Johnny Gargano's Return To WWE

Johnny Gargano made a surprise return to WWE last night on "WWE Raw," and now further details have emerged in relation to his comeback. 

According to PWInsider, the former "NXT" Triple Crown Champion was hidden from everyone all day, a move typically used by the company when they really want to keep somebody's appearance under wraps. To help make sure the Gargano secret wouldn't get out, WWE didn't add his name to the run sheet for last night's broadcast. It's said that most people backstage weren't aware that Gargano was even in the building until he appeared in gorilla position prior to making his way out to the ring. Furthermore, to avoid fans spotting him arriving at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Gargano was flown in by WWE on their corporate jet. It was confirmed in the report that Gargano's wife, Candice LaRae, was not in attendance. 

Another notable talking point coming out of Gargano's appearance last night was the fact that he was able to keep his full wrestling name intact, suggesting there's been a change in direction when it comes to former independent wrestlers using their real given names as part of their gimmick. Such wrestlers would often find their names being changed or shortened under the previous regime, headed by former WWE chairman Vince McMahon. 

Gargano's WWE contract expired in December of last year, and he was provided the opportunity to give a farewell speech on "NXT" before being attacked by Grayson Waller to write him off television. Earlier this year, Gargano and LaRae welcomed their son, Quill, to the world, which played a key factor in Gargano's decision not to renew his deal with the company — though a Fightful report noted that WWE "maintained continued interest in re-signing Johnny Gargano throughout his free agency period."