Bruce Prichard Comments On The 'Exciting Times' He's Experiencing At The Moment

WWE has experienced more change this year than possibly any other in the past 35 years, as Vince McMahon has left the company after 40 years in charge.

"It's exciting times. It's a time in life for which I think that people take life for granted sometimes," WWE executive Bruce Prichard said while on his "Something to Wrestle" podcast. "It's all on how you look at life. You can either love life, live life, or you can hate life and you can just exist."

Prichard has worked for WWE in both on and off-screen roles, formerly playing a manager on-screen by the name of Brother Love. Since returning to the company in 2019, Prichard has handled different roles such as WWE's Senior Vice President and Executive Director of the "Smackdown" brand. Prichard had also been the Executive Director of "Raw" since 2020. However, Triple H is now directing the company's creative direction following the announcement of Vince McMahon's exit from the company.

"Times have been crazy," Prichard said. "It's a period in time that will go down as one of the pivotal points in – in the world in which I have existed in the last damn near 60 years. It's pretty crazy, but, you know, you want to bite your tongue, or at least I do. I have to bite my tongue. I can't come out and say things when things are reported incorrectly or just out and out falsehood and out and out lies."

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