More Main Roster Call-Ups Possibly Revealed On WWE NXT

It appears Santos Escobar won't be going to the main roster by himself.

On Tuesday's "WWE NXT 2.0" episode, Escobar pulled up in his SUV in the parking lot, where he was greeted by Joaquin Wilde, Cruz Del Toro and Elektra Lopez, his former Legado Del Fantasma stablemates. Escobar looked to them and asked with a smile, "You didn't think I was going to leave without you, did you? La Familia stays together. So, you ready to go?"

The Legado members then got into the SUV and drove away with Escobar, which seemed to hint that the entire stable will be heading over to WWE's main roster.

There was a lot of uncertainty over the future of Wilde, Del Toro and Lopez after Escobar lost to Tony D'Angelo on last week's "NXT Heatwave" special. As per stipulation, Escobar had agreed to leave NXT, and the remaining Legado members were left with no option but to serve D'Angelo's Family. In fact, shortly before Escobar's cameo on Tuesday, the remaining Legado members were being verbally berated by D'Angelo for losing a match to The Dyad. Moments later, they were met with a surprise as their former leader would greet them in the parking lot.

Fans on social media are hoping for Hit Row and Legado Del Fantasma to renew their old NXT rivalry on the "SmackDown" brand. At this point, it's unknown if Escobar's stable will be moving up to "Raw" or "SmackDown" in the near future.