NXT 2.0 Results (08/23) - Lights Out Match, NXT UK Tag Team Championship Match

Welcome to Wrestling Inc.'s official results of "NXT 2.0" on August 23, 2022.

Wendy Choo looks to seek revenge tonight against Tiffany Stratton once and for all as the two collide in a Lights Out Match in tonight's main event. The two have been involved in a feud that has gotten increasingly personal over the course of the last few months. Stratton has managed to gain the upper hand every time they've come face to face, from constantly ridiculing Choo to beating her in their first match to eliminating her during the 20 Women Battle Royal for a chance to face NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose for her title. With Choo showing a more serious edge over the past few weeks, will she be able to gain the upper hand over Stratton?

Current NXT UK Tag Team Champions Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen will put their titles on the line against Gallus. Gallus made their presence known on last week's show, laying out Diamond Mine in the center of the ring while they tried to figure out their issues within the group before challenging Briggs and Jensen. Gallus had previously held the titles from October of 2019 until February of 2021, making them the longest reigning champions in history.

Speaking of making one's presence known, current NXT UK Champion Tyler Bate made his debut on last week's edition of the show, staring down NXT Champion Bron Breakker following his title match against JD McDonagh. Bate is in his second reign as the champion (after becoming the inaugural title holder) and looks to make his name known in NXT by taking on the dominant Von Wagner.

Grayson Waller will debut his new talk show, "The Grayson Waller Effect" as he embarks on a quest to ask the tough questions that no one else will. His first guest will be none other than Apollo Crews in order to find out what Crews' real intentions are in "NXT 2.0".

Bron Breakker Addresses Tyler Bate

We are live! Vic Joesph and Wade Barrett greet audiences at home. 

The show begins with a recap of Heatwave last week. Bron Breakker then heads to the ring. He says that he had a banger with JD McDonagh last week and he proved he is one of the best. He addresses Bate coming to the ring after the match and says he didn't fly across the world for the miles. He calls Bate to the ring and his music hits. Bate heads to the ring.

Bate congratulates him on his win last week before saying that he isn't there to collect miles. He says he stands before fans as the proud final NXT UK Champion. He says he can't think of a better way to kick off NXT Europe by unifying the NXT and NXT UK titles. Breaker says that this isn't NXT UK and says this is where the greatest stars in the world are. Breakker says he agrees with him and challenges him to a unification match at Worlds Collide. The two men then shake hands, making the match official.

We head to a video package hyping up Gallus ahead of their NXT UK Tag Team Title match. They then head to the ring as we go backstage and see Fallon Henley and Lash Legend being pulled apart by security.

Back from the break, Josh Briggs, Brooks Jensen and Fallon Henley head to the ring.

Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs vs. Gallus (Mark Coffey and Wolfgang) for the NXT UK Tag Team Championships

Wolfgang immediately goes after Jensen as the bell rings. Coffey and Briggs tag in and beat down Briggs. Wolfgang tags back in and locks in a chinlock on Briggs. Wolfgang goes for a pin, but Briggs kicks out. Briggs tags in Jensen and the two hit Gallus with stiff forearms.

Back from the break, Wolfgang is beating down Briggs. He delivers a senton before Coffey tags in. Jensen and Wolfgang tag in. He delivers a boot to Wolfgang before Lash Legend comes out of nowhere and attacks Henley. Pretty Deadly run down and start to beat down Brooks and Jensen. The referee calls for the bell and declares Gallus as the winners, but states they didn't win the titles.

Winners: Gallus

Diamond Mine then comes out of nowhere and attacks Gallus. They beat them down before security separates them.

The Grayson Waller Effect show debuts with special guest Apollo Crews

Back from the break, we go to a video of Chase University students learning from Charlie Dempsey. Dempsey beats them down before he calls the class "too soft".

Back at ringside, Grayson Waller greets fans to his new show. He says he will be the buzz in all of WWE and says that this show is about him. He says that fans can go to his Instagram to submit questions before introducing Apollo Crews.

Crews' music heads to the ring and he takes a seat. He asks him how it feels to be a clout chaser. Crews says he was born in "NXT" and said he needed to find himself again. Crews says that Waller is jealous of him before Waller asks him if he used to have an accent. He says he is proud of his heritage, but got too focused on his past. Waller accuses him of taking from everyone and backs away. Waller says Grayson from Australia wants to know how it will feel when Waller runs him out of NXT. Crews then says that Apollo from Orlando wants to know how it feels to be a low-rent version of the Miz.

Crews hits Waller with a right hand and says that's the Apollo Crews Effect.

We head backstage to Gallus. Pretty Deadly approaches them and call them Pretty Deadly copycats. They tease them for taking the NXT UK Tag Team Titles from them as Gallus becomes furious. Security prevents Gallus from attacking them and leads them away.

Cameron Grimes vs. Javier Bernal

Back from the break, we get a video hyping up Tyler Bate. We then head to McKenzie Mitchell, standing by with Von Wagner and Mr. Stone. Wagner says he is a big strong man. He says he will crush him so that he won't make it to Worlds Collide.

We head back to ringside, where Javier Bernal is already waiting in the ring. Cameron Grimes heads to the ring as we see that Joe Gacy and The Dyad are watching on. Gacy wishes him good luck.

The bell rings and Bernal goes straight for Grimes with right hands. He sends Grimes into the middle turnbuckle. Bernal delivers several stomps to Grimes' face before Grimes hits him with a double boot. Grimes trips Bernal, then follows it up with a kick to Bernal's face. He delivers a superkick before hitting the Cave In for the win.

Winner: Cameron Grimes

We then head to a video package hyping up Blair Davenport. Back at ringside, Indi Hartwell heads to the ring for her match agains Davenport. 

Back from the break, we get a video from Alba Fyre, saying she will do whatever it takes to win and honor her ancestors. Back at ringside, Blair Davenport heads down.

Blair Davenport vs. Indi Hartwell

The bell rings and the two lock up. Hartwell pushes Davenport before delivering a shoulder tackle. Davenport knocks Hartwell to the outside before delivering a neck breaker off the ropes. Davenport delivers several stomps off Hartwell's neck before Hartwell sends her to the mat. Hartwell delivers a forearm, followed by a couple of clotheslines and a spinebuster. She goes for a pin, but Davenport kicks out. Hartwell ascends to the top, but Davenport pulls her off. Davenport delivers a kick to her head, then delivers her finisher for the win to win her debut match.

Winner: Blair Davenport

Blair Davenport Addresses the NXT and NXT UK Women's Champions

After the match, Davenport continues beating down Hartwell. She grabs a mic and says she has arrived. She says she just laid waste to one of the best in the division. She says that she was a #1 Contender for the NXT UK Women's Championship before saying the NXT Women's Championship will do. She calls herself the rightful heir before Toxic Attraction's music hits.

Mandy Rose heads to the ring and says her reputation proceeds her. She introduces herself to Davenport and says she is standing in her ring in her world. She says in her world, everyone follows her lead. She says she is the most dominate Women's Champion and says to put some respect on her name.

Meiko Satomura's music hits and she heads to the ring with her NXT UK Women's Championship. Satomura says Rose isn't the most dominant Women's Champion because she is. Rose says that while Satomura is a legend, she can't think of a better way to put respect on her name then beating her. Satomura then challenges her to a champion vs. champion match. Davenport says they can't forget about her, as she is the #1 Contender. Satomura challenges them to a Triple Threat match at Worlds Collide.

We head backstage to Tiffany Stratton and McKenzie Mitchell. She says she is superior to Wendy Choo and says she won't be able to show her face around her after she beats her,

We then head to the D'Angelo Family and Legado Del Fantasma. Tony says that he forgives them for betraying him last week and says the future begins with Cruz Del Toro and Joaquin Wilde winning their match.

Back from the break, we head to a video of JD McDonagh wishing Bron Breakker good luck at Worlds Collide and says he will see him on the other side as he hangs upside down.

We head backstage to Wes Lee, Kayden Carter and Katana Chance. They address the McDonagh video before Chance says they will take on anyone and any team. Lee says someone is bound to pick their titles up.

InDex Reunite!

Back at ringside, Indi Hartwell grabs a mic and says that this is what rock bottom feels like. She says that she has always been the problem after telling herself four months ago she was done with tears. She says she was going to reignite her career, but she is in that same position four months ago. Dexter Lumis appears behind her as the two stare at one another from across the ring. They crawl to one another before hugging, Hartwell kisses him as the two finally reunite. The crowd cheers them on as Lumis carries Hartwell backstage.

We follow them back there and see Lumis give Hartwell a paper. They kiss before Lumis leaves the arena and is arrested by police for his actions on last night's "Raw". Hartwell opens the paper and reveals its contents: "Goodbye Indi (for now...), I love you."

Back from the break, we head to McKenzie Mitchell and Cora Jade. She gets that everyone thinks she's amazing, but if she beat Roxanne Perez, then what does that make her. She says she is better than Roxanne before we head to the ring. Joe Gact and The Dyad stand in the ring getting ready for their tag team match against Legado Del Fantasma. Cameron Grimes watches on.

Legado Del Fantasma vs. The Dyad

Reid and Del Toro begin the action. The bell rings and the two lock up. Fowler tags in as D'Angelo barks orders at Legado as Del Toro delivers a crossbody to Fowler. Fowler tags in Reid, who delivers an insiguri to Del Toro. Reid hits Wilde with a right hand as The Dyad hug. Fowler delivers an insiguri before tagging Reid. He tags in Wilde as Wilde delivers an arm drag. He hits a DDT as the crowd fires up. Del Toro tags back in and Legado deliver a double DDT on Reid. He goes for a pin, but Fowler breaks it up. The Dyad manage to hit their finisher for the win.

Winners: The Dyad

After the match, D'Angelo yells at Legado for losing.

Tyler Bate then heads to the ring, followed by Von Wagner.

Back from the break, we head to Legado Del Fantasma leaving the arena. A car pulls up and we see the driver: Santos Escobar. He asks if they thought he would leave without them and asks them if they're ready to go. He tells them to get in and the car pulls off.

Tyler Bate vs. Von Wagner

Back at ringside, Von Wagner and Mr. Stone head to the ring. Bron Breakker watches the match backstage.

The bell rings and the two lock up. Wagner delivers a shoulder block to Bate before Bate fires off some right hands. He delivers a couple of drop kicks before firing down a few right hands on Wagner. Wagner fires back with a big boot before knocking Bate to the mat. Wagner delivers a splash in the corner before delivering a back breaker and a Fallaway Slam. Bate manages to hit a back elbow before a crossbody over the top rope. Wagner hits a vicious clothesline before hitting an elbow. Bate manages to hit a clothesline, followed by a right hand. He hits another one before delivering a cannonball kick to Wagner's head. Bate delivers a suplex before ascending to the top rope. He hits the Spinning Boy for the win.

Winner: Tyler Bate

We head backstage to Diamond Mine celebrating their attack. They discuss their six man match against Gallus before Roderick Strong says he wants in. The Creed's deny him of that before Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen walk in. The two teams agree to a match to find out who the better tag team is once and for all.

Back at ringside, Tiffany Stratton heads to the ring as we go to a commercial. 

Wendy Choo vs. Tiffany Stratton in a Lights Out Match

Back from the break, commentary run down the card for next week's show. Back at ringside, Wendy Choo heads to the ring.

The bell rings and the lights dim. The two women charge at one another before Stratton delivers a double chop. Choo delivers a drop kick before Choo grabs Stratton's tennis racket and hits her with it. Choo grabs a trash can and puts it over her head. She takes the tennis racket and slams the trash can with it several times. Choo tosses Stratton back in the ring before whipping her in the corner. She delivers several shoulders to her midsection, followed by a kick.

Stratton rolls out of the ring and grabs a tool box. She hits Choo with it before grabbing a wrench. She looks to hit Choo with it, but Choo ducks and Stratton hits the ring post. Choo sets up a garbage can in the corner before delivering a clothesline to Stratton. She follows it up with a hastily suplex, then charges at Stratton. Stratton sends Choo into the trash can before the two women spill to the outside. She sends Choo into the ring steps.

Back from the break, Choo teeters on the apron over her bed (that is now at ringside). Stratton delivers a powerslam before attempting a pin. Choo kicks out. Stratton places a chair on Choo before looking for a moonsault. Choo rolls out of the way and suplexes Stratton on the chair. She goes for a pin, but Stratton kicks out. Choo grabs a lead pipe and locks in a crossface on Stratton. Stratton manages to grab hairspray out of her purse and sprays Choo with it. She then powerbombs Choo through the trash can before going for a pin. Choo kicks out as the women lay there for a moment after.

Choo goes under her bed and grabs a pillow. She hits Stratton with it before unzipping it and dumping out a bunch of Lego. Stratton hits a Fallaway Slam on Choo before powerslaming Choo through the Legos. Stratton delivers a double stomp to Choo's face before going for a pin. Choo kicks out as Strattin grabs her purse. She dumps out face powder and looks to throw it in Choo's face, but Choo blocks it and throws it in her face. She sends Stratton through her bed before tossing her back in the ring. She manages to hit her finisher for the win.

Winner: Wendy Choo

We see Mandy Rose, Meiko Satomura and Blair Davenport sign the contract for their Worlds Collide Title Unification Triple Threat Match. Bron Breakker and Tyler Bate do the same for their match.