Kevin Nash Appropriately Names Cannabis Strain After Formerly Banned Finishing Move

Kevin Nash may be out of the wrestling ring, but he just stepped into the cannabis business.

According to a new article by High Times, Nash has partnered with the cultivators behind HYMAN Cannabis to market his own strain that he has appropriately named after a move he is greatly known for (and that, like cannabis, itself, was once notoriously banned).


"My signature move: Jackknife Power Bomb, my finishing maneuver, is fitting for my strain partnership with HYMAN cannabis as I feel it accurately represents the strength and potency of the flower," Nash tells High Times. "When you're being Jackknifed, you're not in control over the situation."

Nash has talked about his "Jackknife" strain on recent episodes of his "Kliq This Podcast" with Sean Oliver, but this is the first time we've gotten full details about what his strain is comprised of. According to the article, "Jackknife" is a blend of creamsicle and Soñando (a citrus and berry profile).

"Turning my pain into passion, I have become very familiar with cannabis and the one thing I find to be most important is quality," Nash adds. "HYMAN cultivators have achieved a level of quality that is like nothing else I've tried — everything HYMAN does is by design and I am excited to hear what fans think when they try it."


Nash will be making appearances at several Michigan dispensaries in hype for his strain which will release on September 2. "Big Sexy" joins Rob Van Dam and Ric Flair in the ranks of wrestling legends who have taken a puff of the cannabis industry.