WWE NXT Commentator Signs Contract Extension

There has been plenty of change taking place in regards to "WWE NXT" over recent times, from the shift to "NXT 2.0" and the focus being on more character based wrestlers, but one thing is set to remain the same – Wade Barrett. The former Intercontinental Champion has been part of the "WWE NXT" commentary team since August, 2020, and he has just signed a contract extension with the company. 

"I'm about to hit my two-year anniversary, just signed an extension to my contract actually," he told BT Sport. "My contract was up, been two years so I am very happy. I think August 2020 is when I came back and last week agreed the new deal, so very, very happy to be staying around with WWE and continuing in my role with NXT, thrilled to be in that environment, loving it."

When the Englishman returned he was originally part of a three-person booth alongside Beth Phoenix and Vic Joseph, and nowadays that is just himself and Joseph on a weekly basis, which is set to continue. Barrett made it clear that he is sticking around with the developmental brand which his career has been linked with from the very start.

The 42-year-old originally joined WWE back in 2008, being part of the Florida Championship Wrestling system, with his television debut taking place in the game show version of "WWE NXT," which he won. That eventually led to his main roster debut as the leader of the Nexus faction in 2010, and he stuck with the company until 2016 when he turned down a contract extension. After several years away, making sporadic (non-wrestling) appearances in the business, Barrett returned to WWE in 2020 where he has remained ever since, but he has not stepped back into the ring during that period.