Booker T Believes Current AEW Tag Team Would Love A WWE NXT Run

Booker T has been in professional wrestling for nearly 35 years, and with his experience comes personal relationships he's developed with co-workers. One such man is Billy Gunn. Gunn and Booker worked together in WWE and TNA/Impact Wrestling, each earning several accolades and championship titles during their times there. Now that Gunn is working closely with his sons Colten and Austin on AEW television, Booker sees potential for a transition into a bigger spotlight.

"Those guys are probably having a good time over there in AEW right now, but I could imagine The Gunn Club would love a run in WWE – NXT or the main roster at some point. So, would I be surprised? Not one bit; not one bit if I saw Billy Gunn show up in WWE," Booker said on a recent "The Hall of Fame Podcast." Booker doesn't consider that idea any sort of betrayal or statement made by the Hall of Famer and his family. "That's just the way that business works, and I've said that before as far as guys going to AEW, just like me leaving WWE and going to TNA. Boom! Three years later, I'm back." However, how likely is such a jump to happen?

On a 2021 episode of "Talk is Jericho," Colten didn't shut down the idea of moving on to WWE someday. Still, when they initially discussed it as a family, they agreed to wait it out for now. "I think the discussion was ... 'You can go there, but you need to go do your own thing for two to three years and find out who you are and try to develop a character yourself or feel out the landscape before you just go straight to the Performance Center and they tell you what to be," Colten recalled.