WWE Main Eventer Addresses Possibility Of Taking On Roman Reigns And The Rock At WrestleMania

Rumors of The Rock taking on Roman Reigns at WrestleMania have been swirling around for a while now, as the two come from the same family and prestigious Anoa'i lineage. With Reigns currently holding the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship, putting his dual titles on the line against his cousin is potentially an option for the Showcase of the Immortals. Of course, Reigns first has to defend those titles against Drew McIntyre, who will challenge for the belts at the upcoming WWE Clash at the Castle. But could McIntyre himself be added to the epic WrestleMania clash, making in a triple threat?

"I feel like I may be the third wheel in that one," Drew McIntyre joked when asked about the possibility during an appearance on "WWE Espanol." "I'll just win the titles, and then they do their own thing. That's a big enough match without the titles. I don't want to muddy the story. I'll just take the titles over here so the titles can be defended every week."

With Clash at the Castle taking place in the United Kingdom (specifically Cardiff, Wales), the Scottish McIntyre has something of little bit of a home field advantage, but he's also failed to defeat Reigns in any of their previous four one-on-one encounters. Reigns most recently defeated McIntyre at Survivor Series 2020 in a WWE Champion vs Universal Champion Match at Survivor Series, choking out the Scottish Warrior for the win.

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