Matt Hardy Shares His Opinion On AEW EVPs

The Elite are currently white-hot heading into the semifinals of the first-ever AEW World Trios Championship Tournament, with a matchup against New Japan Pro-Wrestling's United Empire on the horizon for next week. Although the group of Kenny Omega, Nick Jackson, and Matt Jackson have been an integral part in the inception of All Elite Wrestling, many aren't the biggest fans of their style of wrestling and have been very vocal about it in the past.

However, one person who won't stand for that level of criticism towards the group is Matt Hardy. The current AEW star made an iconic statement about the trio during the latest episode of his podcast, "The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy," stating that those who don't get how good they are are "just missing out and they do not get pro wrestling."

"They may think they get pro wrestling but they do not, if you are hating on Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson, and Nick Jackson, you're a f***ing moron," Hardy said. "They are great and I will defend them to my dying day because they are amazing and they are all groundbreakers. They've set so many trends and the three of those guys are one of the major reasons AEW is in existence. They really really are and the stuff they did in New Japan was fantastic and they all broke so many boundaries. They've gone so much further than anybody thought they would do.

Standing Up For The Elite

"I'm going to say it again; if you have hate and you dislike Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson, and Kenny Omega, you are a f***ing idiot. Quote."

Going a bit deeper into the subject, Hardy talked about how "wrestling is subjective," and that if people dislike the group that's one thing, but to discredit their value to pro wrestling is something he won't stand for.

"If you don't appreciate and you don't like them from their professional game and their professional status and their professional innovation of pro wrestling, then that's where you're a f***ing moron, that's where you don't get it," Hardy said. "I will go on record saying that because they are – they are very special and they have changed the way the industry runs."

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