Mick Foley Addresses Whether He Thinks Nancy Benoit Will Go Into WWE Hall Of Fame

Mick Foley has advocated for several names to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and one that has always been at the top of his list is Nancy Benoit. She and her son Daniel were murdered by her husband, WWE wrestler Chris Benoit in late June 2007 before Chris took his own life. The tragedy sent shockwaves through the world of wrestling. Before marrying Chris Benoit, Nancy had established her own name in pro wrestling as a valet, most notably as Woman in WCW. On the latest episode of "Foley Is Pod," Foley remarked on the legacy that she left as a performer in the business.

"The three different runs she's had, she's really deserving of more recognition," Foley said. "The holy grail is the WWE Hall of Fame. I think eventually it's going to happen, I don't know if it's going to happen in the next few years though."

In addition to being Woman, Nancy was a notable element in her former husband Kevin Sullivan's group of "Satanists." This started during her days in Florida Championship Wrestling, but it carried over into WCW and ECW.

Foley remarked how overjoyed he was to see Chyna (real name Joanie Laurier) get inducted with D-Generation X in 2019, but does understand the outside optics considering the two different tragedies that occurred. Laurer passed away in 2016 due to an accidental drug overdose.

"I think you want to give those a few years you know? It's tough when you induct someone posthumously and the deaths are not by natural causes. I think you gotta space them out a little bit."

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