Theory Responds To Those Who Say John Cena Walked Out On Attempted Selfie On WWE Raw

Theory, the current Mr. Money in the Bank, has a message for those who think John Cena left him hanging on a selfie.

The June 27 episode of "WWE Raw" celebrated the 20th anniversary of Cena in the company. For the most part, the 16-time WWE World Champion was greeted with positivity backstage during the show. Things got a bit awkward, however, when the Doctor of Thuganomics ran into Theory, who told Cena that he's out of touch and bragged about being Vince McMahon's handpicked protégé. When the former WWE United States Champion went to take a selfie, Cena was nowhere to be found.

Serving as a guest on "Under The Ring," Theory made it clear that fans have the wrong idea when it comes to his selfie incident with Cena.

"I know when I took my selfie with John Cena, a lot of people say he walked away, but you can't see him," Theory joked. "So, I mean, I don't know."

Many believed the segment was planting seeds for a future match between Theory and Cena. Back in May, Theory appeared on "WWE After the Bell with Corey Graves" and expressed his desire to share the ring with Cena at WWE "SummerSlam," which took place on July 30. Ultimately, that matchup didn't materialize, as Cena's Hollywood commitments didn't allow him to appear inside Nissan Stadium in Nashville, TN.

Cena isn't the only WWE superstar who hasn't taken too kindly to Theory's antics. As the youngest WWE United States Champion pointed out, there are several others who have brushed him off when attempting a selfie.

"Sometimes I get some guys that I'll be messing around, go to take the selfie and they'll just flip me off," Theory said. "We'll be able to show everybody one day, I'm sure."