Kevin Nash Recalls Important Advice He Gave A Young John Cena

During his illustrious WWE career, John Cena carved out a constant role as the preacher of "Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect," while being a role model for children. Cena's character was established to please a younger audience, with the 16-time World Champion having a ridiculous amount of merchandise produced. Throughout his career, "The Cenation Leader" has dealt with tons of criticism over his "uniform" in the WWE, but have never changed his gimmick or attire, even to this day. That's despite The Rock once saying he looked like a bowl of Fruity Pebbles.


When he was on top, Cena would debut a new shirt constantly, but one noticeable thing about the shirts he would wear is the size of them. According to WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash, that wasn't an accident, as the former nWo star had an influence in Cena's decision to wear larger shirts. "When they would hand out the nWo shirts, guys would be like 'give me a medium,' because they'd want it skin f***ing tight," Nash said, during the latest episode of the "Kliq This" podcast.

"I'd always tell them to give me a 3X or the biggest I could get because I told John [Cena] and he asked me for advice and I said 'Always wear a baggy t-shirt, especially if you're not going to work in it because when you take it off, there's that 'holy f*** [from the audience], that guys got a good physique,' as opposed to f***ing having a t-shirt sprayed on you." Jokingly, Nash spoke about the impact his comments had on Cena and how much they meant to his career."If you look, throughout his career, he always wore the oversized t-shirt. I think when you really look at his entire career, that's probably the most important thing. That big f***ing t-shirt."


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