Shayna Baszler Addresses Ronda Rousey's Relationship With The WWE Universe

Shayna Baszler has shed some light on Ronda Rousey's relationship with the WWE Universe.

Baszler and Rousey are longtime friends. They were training partners at the Glendale Fighting Club MMA gym, and they're now top stars in the "WWE SmackDown" women's division. But while Baszler is generally seen as a stellar "NXT" talent who's been largely misused on the main roster, Rousey has a more complicated relationship with WWE fans. When she first surfaced as a member of the WWE roster back in early 2018, Rousey was largely embraced by the audience. As time went on, however, Rousey started hearing boos, despite being presented as a babyface.

Rousey took a hiatus following her loss in the main event of WrestleMania 35 back in 2019. When she returned in 2022, fans embraced her again, but it didn't appear that Rousey trusted the WWE Universe. Even WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle took notice of Rousey's issues with fans during an interview with CBS Sports back in March.

Speaking to the NY Post, Baszler shared her theory on how the relationship between Rousey and WWE fans has changed.

"I feel like there was a side of her that was like, 'OK you're cheering for me now, but I know how this is.'" Baszler said. "Now she is in this mode where, like, she just doesn't care. Boo her, cheer her, whatever. She's just doing what she does. Coincidently, I think it's getting her more cheers now than she was before. I think when she first came back it was, 'OK, I'll do what you guys are thinking,' But now it's, 'Screw you, I don't care what you're thinking, I'm doing this.' That's always kind of been Ronda anyway."