Bryce Remsburg Confirms Changes To His AEW Salary And Role During The Pandemic

Bryce Remsburg found brightness during a dark time, and the AEW referee credits Tony Khan for changing his life. Remsburg joined Ty Asbury from the "Off The Top Rope Monday Night" podcast and discussed how AEW persevered through the global pandemic was a topic at hand.

"It was a crazy bizarre time," he said. "I never missed a paycheck. I got a raise during the pandemic, I got a promotion during the pandemic. I'm very, very, very lucky Tony took very good care of us, and he takes a lot of pride to this day about making sure not only did we maintain our crew, we added to it during the pandemic."

Remsburg credits Khan for not just helping his own company during COVID-19, but independent wrestling as well. Khan recruited talent in the southeast region of the United States to appear on the show, and eventually added permanent names like Ricky Starks, Alan Angels and Eddie Kingston to the roster.

"[He] kept a lot of people busy with jobs and such, and that's not nothing, so forever there will be respect for that," Remsburg said. "It was weird and it was odd being in this empty amphitheater, but we were so fortunate to have an amphitheater we could perform in. Tony literally owns it, so that was a plus."

Remsburg mentioned some other bittersweet perks that came with working down in Jacksonville during COVID, including the nice weather and moments to clear your head as the world dealt with uncertainty. However, unity may be the one thing that Remsburg takes away from the whole era.

"The ones of us and the crew that were there then, we definitely have a bonding experience," he said. "Because we were in the trenches together."