Joe Gacy Comments On Controversy Surrounding His WWE NXT Debut

WWE "NXT 2.0" Superstar Joe Gacy has had the wrestling world talking from the moment he debuted with his controversial promos, but found that situation "pretty cool."

Gacy exclusively spoke to Wrestling Inc.'s Nick Hausman on "The Wrestling Inc. Daily," ahead of his NXT Championship match at NXT: "In Your House". His character has clearly evolved over time, but it remains to be a controversial one with the comments he makes. Gacy admitted he "never had a reaction like that," but rather than seeing it as a negative, he "loved it," after his debut got the wrestling world talking.

"It was new to me ... It was something new and different, I guess you could say. I don't believe in the last couple of years, anyone has made headlines like that," he said.

It has been reported that Vince McMahon has been more hands-on with WWE's developmental brand since the chance to WWE "NXT 2.0," but that doesn't mean he's involved with every character. Gacy isn't aware of McMahon having any impact on his gimmick as he has "personally never had any meetings or conversations" with the WWE Chairman.

"Honestly, not to my knowledge ... I don't know what goes on so much everywhere, but potentially, I guess. But me personally, I've never had the opportunity," he said.

Gacy's character has had a tweak following Harland's release, which has led to him having help from hooded wrestlers, who are like druids. This has led to comparisons to The Undertaker and Bray Wyatt from fans, but he believes "it was kind of expected" and "everyone gets compared to somebody." Despite linking him with former WWE Superstars, Gacy is confident that "this has been very different than a lot of things that have been done."

"I mean, everyone that has a character like that gets compared to someone else ... If you pay attention and kind of see how things are, you'll be able to tell what's different and not different. Everyone gets compared to somebody."

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