Eddie Kingston Calls Out Several Top AEW Stars He Does Not Like

AEW star Eddie Kingston has no problem with speaking his mind, which means speaking about other AEW stars he doesn't like while a guest on the "Pro Wrestling Illustrated Presents" podcast.

"I don't hate on anybody who makes it and makes money," Kingston said. "That doesn't bother me. It's who they are as people that bothers me. I don't care if people do better than me with money and all that stuff. I will never hate on that because this is a business and we all got to try and make a living. But I will not like and I will not stand for people who are judgmental like Bryan [Danielson].


"CM Punk, who I think is a liar because he's lying to everybody showing that he's a nice guy. Claudio [Castagnoli] wants to go around telling everybody he's this nice, loveable guy when I know for a fact that I've seen things in the past that he's not a good person, so he's lying to people. I won't stand for that. I don't need anyone else to believe me, but I know what's real."

As noted, Kingston was suspended due to a backstage altercation with Sammy Guevara over Guevara's comment about his physique. His first match back from his suspension is slated for this Sunday at AEW All Out pre-show, Zero Hour. His opponent is NJPW star, Tomohiro Ishii. The last time they wrestled was on May 14 at NJPW's Capital Collision event, in which Ishii won the match.