Drew McIntyre Responds To Steve Austin Saying Nice Things About Him And Sheamus

WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre recently spoke with Sportskeeda Wrestling Content Manager Riju Dasgupta about a variety of topics, including Saturday's Clash at the Castle event, Roman Reigns, The Judgment Day, and praise from WWE Hall of Famer "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

During a past interview in July, Austin praised both McIntyre and Sheamus, noting that the two would someday be in the WWE Hall of Fame.

"Well first of all it's surreal to see somebody like 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin to say such complimentary about myself and Sheamus about seeing us as future Hall of Fame superstars. If you get to know 'Stone Cold' a little bit you know he doesn't lie, he tells the truth from his perspective and that means the world because I know he meant it. It was also amazing to see him recently, he came to Reno, Nevada live event and close to where he lives." 

'Steve is such a passionate wrestling fan'

"He watched the whole show and that was the coolest thing. You know when we get some of our older Superstars to come back, they'll say hi and they'll stick around for a bit and check it out. Steve is such a passionate wrestling fan. He sat down right at the monitor like he would have back in the day. He watched every single match, he gave advice to every that wanted advice and he stuck around right to the main event, which was myself and Sheamus in a Street Fight afterward he tried to pick his brain and he just told us, 'You all been doing it long enough, you've got this thing." And once again if he felt something he would have told us and that really met the world, but also just see his passion for this industry I admire that so much."

McIntyre fell to Roman Reigns in his quest for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship this past Saturday at Clash of the Castle.