Liv Morgan Teases Impending News That 'Is A Literal Dream Come True'

WWE "SmackDown" Women's Champion Liv Morgan has big plans outside of the wrestling business.

Morgan has long expressed her desire to dabble in the world of acting, and she will be making her Hollywood debut in "The Kill Room," starring Maya Hawke, Uma Thurman, and Samuel L. Jackson. But "The Kill Room" isn't the only thing on Morgan's plate, as she revealed in an interview with Metro.

"I have a special surprise coming up as far as acting that I cannot say anything about," Morgan said. "I cannot give a clue without it being very obvious, but there is some news coming out very, very, very soon that is a literal dream come true! I'm sure if you think about it hard enough, you can figure it out."

Morgan went on to admit that she missed out on some Hollywood roles that she would've been eager to take on.

"There's so many roles I would love to play right now that are already being done that — I missed my generation," Morgan said. "I would love to play Harley Quinn, I'd love to play Barbie! Those two ships have sailed. Maybe when I'm 50 I'll still look incredible and I'll finally be able to reprise my dream roles."

For now, Morgan will need to stay focused on ensuring that her reign as "SmackDown" Women's Champion continues, as she puts her gold on the line against Shayna Baszler at Clash at the Castle this Saturday. Morgan's reign recently surpassed the 60-day mark after winning the title at WWE Money In The Bank.