Drew McIntyre Discusses Roman Reigns Being A WWE Part-Timer

Roman Reigns is the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, but his appearances have been limited since signing a new deal. Reigns' part-time schedule has been mentioned numerous times in the buildup to his title defense against McIntyre, and now McIntyre himself has shared his thoughts on part-timers in WWE.

"They're huge stars, it's as simple as that," McIntyre said during an interview with "WrestleRant." "They draw eyeballs, and the Roman thing, I would never harp on him in a way where I say, 'Oh, screw him,' like in his part-time deal. It wasn't forced in his lap, and he's in a different place in his life, and I'm sure he regrets saying some of the things he's said in the past."

While McIntyre doesn't have a problem with established stars getting reduced schedules, he does have his view on what a world champion's duties should be.

"I kind of have my feelings about how the title should be represented," McIntyre said. "We need people like Roman on the show. He's our biggest star by far. The numbers and everything he talks about, those are all real, but I do believe the titles should be featured in every event. I do believe that Drew McIntyre is the man to do that."

Reigns has now surpassed 730 days as a world champion in WWE. He will be celebrating his two-year run on tonight's episode of "WWE SmackDown." McIntyre, will attempt to put an end to that run in the main event of Clash at the Castle in Cardiff, Wales, on September 3.