Sammy Guevara Opens Up About Doubting Himself Over Things Said Online

It seems as if Jericho Appreciation Society member Sammy Guevara has something to say about the recent reports of the former AEW TNT Champion being called "difficult" while working with the likes of Ethan Page, Scorpio Sky, and Sonjay Dutt.


"You read so much of this stuff, then you start to question yourself, which I did," said Guevara in the most recent vlog on his YouTube channel. "You start to wonder 'Am I a piece of s***?' or 'Am I this person that everyone's painting me out to be?'"

Guevara was involved in a physical altercation with Eddie Kingston backstage last week after reportedly calling Kingston a "fat piece of s***" during an in-ring segment. Guevara had gone off script, with Kingston setting limitations about what Guevara could say. The promo never aired on television and Kingston was subsequently suspended for initiating the physical confrontation. Kingston was also apparently frustrated with Guevara's attitude over the past several months.


"I was starting to feel pretty down because I do try to do the best that I can. I try to help people when I can. I try to be as nice as possible and respectful to everybody, no matter where they are on the card or what their position in life. I try to treat everyone the same."

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