Daniel Garcia Says Current WWE Champion Almost Broke His Back With A Boston Crab

Daniel Garcia's submission game is on point, but he's found himself in a few holds that weren't exactly pleasant.

While chatting with Bleacher Report, Garcia recalled the time current WWE Intercontinental Champion Gunther gave him a painful experience.

"So it's person by person because people master different holds," Garcia said. "So, one of the holds that I think people have mastered that has been the most painful and I've been put in, is when Mox put me in the Bulldog choke. That one hurt. I thought [he was] about to rip my head off. And when I was on the indies, WALTER [now Gunther in WWE] put me in a Boston crab that almost broke my back."

Gunther isn't called "The Ring General" for nothing. He is known for his hard-hitting style and unforgiving submission holds. One has to imagine that taking chops from Gunther didn't feel too good for Garcia, either.

Don't mistake Garcia's words for weakness, however. He's been involved in a feud with the Blackpool Combat Club, which is full of hard-hitting performers such as Jon Moxley and Claudio Castagnoli. Garcia has held his own against all members of the BCC.

At the moment, fans are wondering if Garcia's time with the Jericho Appreciation Society is running out. Many feel he'd be a better fit with the BCC, but he'll have to make that decision soon as Chris Jericho, the leader of the JAS, is running out of patience. Garcia has been debating whether he wants to be a sports entertainer or a wrestler.