Karrion Kross Wrestles First Match Since Returning To WWE

Karrion Kross put forth a dominant performance in his first match back in WWE, defeating Drew Gulak on the 9/2 episode of "WWE SmackDown."

Unlike his previous, short-lived stint on the main roster, Kross had his wife and manager Scarlett by his side as he reverted back to his old entrance and presentation from his time in "NXT" in 2020 and 2021. Furthermore, Kross did not step out wearing a leather gear and helmet, simply coming to the ring in his black gear. 

Kross won the squash match after submitting Gulak to the Kross jacket (bar-arm sleeper). After the bout, Kross & Scarlett hung Gulak to the ropes and walked away, which was meant to be a symbolic gesture of their dominance. 

A little later, Gulak took to Twitter to lament Kross' lack of disrespect for his opponent. 

"If a man submits in a sleeper hold you let it go," Gulak tweeted. "You don't keep it on. I can admit when I'm beat but this kind of treatment is pitiful. NO RESPECT. #SmackDown."

Earlier in the night, Kross addressed his issues with "chosen ones" Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre in a backstage segment. Kross noted that time can mean different things to different people, asking McIntyre to reflect on the beating he received the previous week, and Reigns to savor two years as the top champion in the WWE. He ultimately promised that the "timelines are going to change" before using his "tick-tock" catchphrase. 

With Kross embroiled in a feud with McIntyre and Reigns, fans on social media believe he could get involved in the main event bout this Saturday at Clash at the Castle.