Finn Balor Doesn't See One Of His Former Personas Returning Any Time Soon

Finn Balor has consistently reinvented himself throughout his career, from his time in the NWA, to NJPW, to NXT, to his current role on "Raw."

With Balor's recent return to spooky vibes courtesy of his partnership with Judgement Day cohorts Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley, many fans have been wondering if a certain aspect of Balor's WWE persona will emerge from the dark depths of his mind. Unfortunately for those anxiously awaiting the return of the Demon, it doesn't appear that Balor will be donning the intricate body paint again in the near future.


In an interview with Planeta Wrestling, Balor said he's pretty certain we haven't seen the last of the Demon, but he's focusing on other aspects of his character at this time.

"I'm sure that's a possibility in the future, but right now I'm very much diving into this version of Finn that you've been seeing recently on 'Raw,'" the former WWE Universal Champion said. "Maybe the Demon will appear in the future, but not any time soon."

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