GCW Effy's Big Gay Brunch 5 Results (9/4): Effy Goes One-On-One With Max The Impaler

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The fifth edition of Effy's Big Gay Brunch will take place at the Grand Sports Arena in Hoffman Estates, IL. The first-ever Effy's Big Gay Brunch took place in October 2020 at the Marion County Fairgrounds in Indianapolis, MN, during The Collective weekend. This afternoon's show follows last night's The Art of War event that also emanated from the Grand Sports Arena. Just 24 hours after competing in the Art of War Games Match, Effy will face Max the Impaler. The bout will be the first time the pair have collided in the ring one-on-one in any promotion. It will be Max the Impaler's first match since falling short in the NWA World Women's Championship against Kamille last week at NWA 74 in St. Louis, Missouri. Meanwhile, Effy's BUSSY tag team partner Allie Katch, who also competed in the Art of War Games Match last night, will take on Dark Sheik and Taya Valkyrie in a three-way match. 

Announced card

* Effy vs. Max the Impaler

* Dark Sheik vs. Allie Katch vs. Taya Valkyrie

* Ashton Starr vs. Sandra Moone

* Parrow vs. Kidd Bandit

* Devon Monroe vs. Jai Vidal

* TBA in the Gayest Tag Gayntlet Match 

Devon Monroe and Jai Vidal and Admiral-Lord Mountevans rules match

- Pollo Del Mar was introduced to the crowd. Del Mar headed to the ring and hyped up the fans. 

Devon Monroe vs. Jai Vidal

Monroe and Vidal locked up as the match got underway. Monroe hit a series of arm drags before Vidal turned the tables. Monroe responded with a flurry of dropkicks to send Vidal into the corner. Vidal altered tactics and became more aggressive. The change of approach allowed Vidal to take control of the battle. Vidal sent Monroe to the outside. Vidal launched Monroe into the ring post. Back in the ring, Vidal choked Monroe in the center of the ring after two failed pinfall attempts. Vidal connected with an elbow, but Monroe moved out of the way of the second attempt. Monroe began to build momentum and hit a combination of moves. Vidal managed to gain the upper hand once again and sent Monroe crashing down from the apron. In the ring, after a back and forth, Monroe attempted to finish Vidal off with a face buster variation. Vidal delivered a powerbomb, but Monroe kicked out of the cover. Monroe and Vidal traded pinfall attempts. Monroe planted Vidal face-first into the mat to win. 

Winner: Devon Monroe via pinfall

Edith Surreal w/ Mike Bailey vs. Jordan Blade in an Admiral-Lord Mountevans rules match

The rules of the match were explained; a two-out-of-three falls match with six rounds of three minutes. However, it was noted on commentary that it was only going to be four rounds. Surreal scored the first pinfall in quick fashion after a back and forth. The second round saw Blade gain the next fall via submission after forcing Surreal to tap out. Blade attempted to go back for the submission at the start of the third round, but neither were able to secure a fall. There was a confrontation after the third round between the two corners. The final round saw neither competitor able to reach a standing position after a hard-fought battle. Both competitors agreed to one more round. A few moments into the additional round, both competitors shoulders were pinned to the mat and the referee ruled the result of the match a draw. 

Winner: Draw

Gayest Tag Gayntlet Match

Mateo Valentine and Joey Mayberry vs. The Runway (Calvin Couture and Tyler Klein) start the gauntlet

Valentine got in the head of Couture and gained the early advantage for his team. Valentine worked on Couture in the corner, restricting the tag to Klein. Valentine tagged in Mayberry, but Couture managed to turn the tables to tag in Klein. Mayberry gained the upper hand once more and ultimately dropped the trunks of Klein after a Sunset Flip attempt. Klein used it to his advantage and gave Mayberry a stinkface in the corner of the ring. Mayberry was ultimately rolled up to eliminate his team. 

Money Power Respect (Fabuloso Fabricio & Marco Mayur) w/ Pollo Del Mar vs. The Runway (Calvin Couture and Tyler Klein)

Money Power Respect immediately took control of the match. Both Mayur and Fabricio went to work on The Runway and eliminated them with ease. 

MSP (Aiden Aggro and DangerKid) vs. Money Power Respect (Fabuloso Fabricio & Marco Mayur) w/ Pollo Del Mar

Money Power Respect dominated the opening moments of the third match. Mayur delivered a big standing splash to DangerKid in the center of the ring. Aggro was tagged in. DangerKid connected a high-risk move and Aggro scored the pin to eliminate Money Power Respect.

The McQueens (Eddy McQueen and Dillon McQueen) vs. MSP (Aiden Aggro and DangerKid)

The McQueens immediately gained the upper hand and sent MSP to the outside. Back in the ring, Eddy kept DangerKid grounded. After a further exchange, The McQueens eliminated MSP following a combination of moves to win the gauntlet.

Winners: The McQueens (Eddy McQueen and Dillon McQueen) via pinfall 

Ashton Starr vs. Sandra Moone and Scramble Match

Ashton Starr vs. Sandra Moone

Starr knocked Moone down after an initial feeling out process. Moone immediately replied, taking Starr down with a series of moves. Starr appeared to be injured on the apron and took off a boot. Starr returned and dumped Moone out of the ring. Starr revealed it was just an act and flipped the bird to the fans in attendance. Moone managed to send Starr out of the ring and followed it up by soaring through the ropes twice. Upon returning to the ring, Starr took control once again. Moone fired back and both traded blows in the center of the ring. Moone spiked Starr into the canvas after almost failing to kick out of a pinfall attempt. Nevertheless, Starr connected with a kick to the head to win. 

Winner: Ashton Starr via pinfall

Chase Burnett vs. Da Shade vs. Armani Kayos vs. Jeyla Jay vs. Moondog Murray vs. Aaron Rourke in a Scramble Match

Jay rushed into the corner, colliding with Da Shade. Burnett took advantage, but soon ran into a clothesline from Jay. Kayos took a dive to the outside. Rourke followed with a moonsault to the outside from the top turnbuckle. After Rourke and Kayos went at it in the ring, Jay returned to take everybody out. Burnett delivered a flurry of strikes and kicks to Jay, but Da Shade got involved to send both down. Rourke took out Da Shade with a Meteora. Da Shade returned to take out Murray. Jay lifted Da Shade and Rourke for a Samoan Drop. Jay planted Burnett into the canvas to win. 

Winner: Jeyla Jay via pinfall

Kidd Bandit vs. Parrow and Triple Threat Match

Parrow vs. Kidd Bandit

Parrow immediately sent Bandit down to the canvas. After taking some punishment, Bandit sent Parrow into the corner. Bandit attempted to keep Parrow grounded. Bandit introduced a kendo stick and used it on Parrow. Effy came out to the stage and told Bandit there were no disqualifications and to unleash fury on Parrow. Parrow took the kendo stick and used it to his advantage, breaking it on the head of Bandit. At ringside, Parrow threw Bandit eight rows back into the chairs set up for the fans. Pollo Del Mar headed out to ringside. Parrow pushed Del Mar into the first row. Back inside the ring, Bandit grounded Parrow and repeatedly used a steel chair as a weapon. Chairs were set up in the middle of the ring and Parrow powerbombed Bandit onto them. Parrow hit another powerbomb onto the chairs. Parrow sent Bandit through a door set up on the outside. After repeated Samoan Drivers, Parrow picked up the victory. 

Winner: Parrow via pinfall

Dark Sheik vs. Allie Katch vs. Taya Valkyrie

After an initial confrontation between all three competitors, Katch planted Sheik face-first into the canvas from the middle rope. Valkyrie stopped Katch in her tracks with a steel chair. Valkyrie used a staple gun on the forehead of Katch. Sheik used the staple gun on the forehead of Valkyrie. Sheik then stapled a Valkyrie photo to Valkyrie's head. Dollar notes were stapled to Sheik and Katch. Valkyrie utilized a steel chair on Sheik in the ring. Sheik set up a wooden door in the corner of the ring. Katch returned and ended up locking lips with Valkyrie. Katch ultimately sent Valkyrie through the door in the corner of the ring. Sheik planted Katch into the mat with a driver to win. 

Winner: Dark Sheik via pinfall

Main event

Effy vs. Max the Impaler w/ Amy Rose

Effy fired something at Max as the bell rang. Effy initially took the fight to Max. Max replied by dropping Effy on the canvas. Max sent Effy out of the ring. Effy took his time to return after regrouping. Effy went straight after Max, but Max moved out of the way. Effy continued to take it to Max. Effy's efforts weren't enough to completely topple Max. Effy sent a number of weapons into the ring, as did Amy Rose. Max began to punish Effy in the middle of the ring. Max delivered a stomp into the mat. Effy worked his way back into the match. Effy connected with a Zack Ryder. Effy then sent Max down from the corner of the ring onto a chair. Allie Katch helped Effy bring a ladder to the ring. Effy and Impaler climbed the ladder. Max chokeslammed Effy from the top of the ladder. Effy managed to counter Max's offense and used the ropes as leverage with a roll-up to win. 

Winner: Effy via pinfall 

- Effy spoke on the microphone after the match. Effy praised Max the Impaler and gave a passionate speech. Effy said that nobody owns wrestling. Effy thanked the fans. 

- That's all for Effy's Big Gay Brunch 5!