Backstage News On AAA Possibly Working With Jeff Jarrett And Conrad Thompson

Jeff Jarrett recently left his post as WWE's SVP of Live Events and was replaced by Road Dogg. The Hall of Famer hasn't revealed what his plans are moving forward, but after a recent "My World with Jeff Jarrett" podcast, we may have a vague idea. In fact, the veteran could be set to return to the ring.

During the episode, Conrad Thompson and Jarrett revealed that they will be going to Mexico in a few weeks. It's unclear for what, but Thompson said that they won't be there to start a company. However, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter has reported that they could be there to collaborate with Mexican promotion AAA now that "Double J" is free of his WWE obligations. It's been reported that Jarrett could appear at some of the company's events moving forward, but no deal between him and AAA has been confirmed as of this writing.

Jarrett has a history of competing in AAA. He even won the company's AAA Mega Championship back in 2019. Before going back to WWE, Jarrett had a program with Latin Lover as well. However, the feud had to be scrapped due to the Hall of Famer's WWE commitments.

The report also claims that AAA wants to work with Thompson to help open their doors for the United States market once they receive a TV deal. All of the deals that AAA have received so far have been more one-sided with all the benefits going to the networks, but they're hopeful of landing a better one moving forward.