Jade Cargill Praises Tony Khan's Leadership Qualities

The reigning AEW TBS Champion Jade Cargill currently has the best win/loss record in All Elite Wrestling, never having been pinned or submitted since her debut in March 2021. Despite fewer TV appearances in recent months, Cargill remains one of the premier female athletes in the company. Her status as a champion and a homegrown AEW talent has given her some insight into Tony Khan, the co-owner and President of the company. 

In an interview with TV Insider, Cargill was asked about Khan's leadership skills, to which Cargill praised her employer vigorously. "I think Tony is a phenomenal leader. He knows his company inside and out. He's a positive light in wrestling and willing to listen and absorb your vision and work with you." As a wrestler who has only ever wrestled in an AEW ring, Cargill's rise to the top was aided by the trust that Khan had in her to make it work. "I'm thankful to have Tony," Cargill continued. "[He] believes in everything I'm doing."

Cargill also praised Tony for his understanding nature, which has helped her thrive and grow as a wrestler in AEW. A healthy relationship with the AEW President has made it so Cargill can focus on improving and working out, remaining prepared to be called to action at any time. "I'm new, and he knew that and knows that," Cargill concluded. "I've probably had four matches in the last five or six months. That is not a lot at all, but I'm in the gym when waiting to be called to have a match."