CM Punk Defends Himself Against Eric Bischoff Criticism

Eric Bischoff has been critical of AEW and CM Punk in recent months. He previously stated that Punk returning to the wrestling business and working with AEW has been "the biggest financial flop in the history of wrestling" that hasn't moved the needle for the three-plus-year-old company. Bischoff also wasn't happy with Punk's comments following last year's "All Out," in which he said that he, Bryan Danielson, and Adam Cole going to AEW is "bigger" than Randy Savage, Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall jumping over to WCW. That said, Punk still stands by his opinion.


"In five years, you'll see the impact of it," AEW World Champion Punk said during the AEW "All Out" media scrum. "There is just so much drama and turmoil going on, but I, you know, I like to believe in the place I work. We do have a very, very strong roster and like I said, we have a lot of brilliant minds backstage. So if young talent is willing to actually listen, receive advice, and information I honestly think the sky's the limit."

Cole has been injured lately, but Punk hopes that he focuses on his health first and foremost. "I think Adam Cole is fantastic," Punk said. "I'm more worried about his health now than worried about if his impact is going to be, you know, bigger than Scott Hall's or something like that. I just want the kid to be healthy because he's a sweetheart, you know? I know Eric Bischoff is really mad that I said that so I stand by it."