R-Truth Gives Update On His Relationship With CM Punk

There is no bad blood between CM Punk and R-Truth, according to the latter in a new interview with Premier TV Live.

In August 2021, Truth was reminded by a fan on TikTok of Punk's sour comments about him from 2014. On Colt Cobana's podcast, Punk recounted his unhappiness in WWE, including the decision to have him and Triple H lose to R-Truth and The Miz in a tag team match at Vengeance 2011.

Truth responded to those remarks by writing, "CM Punk you lost to me and Miz cause we were HOTTER than you sorry, and I neva thought you were impressive at all, just typical entitlement."

Fast-forward 13 months and Truth insisted all is copacetic today.

"Me and Punk cool," he said, initially insisting that he couldn't remember what Punk said that sparked his harsh response.

When reminded of the roots of the flare-up, Truth took responsibility for this unpleasantness.

"I guess just for somebody like me with my character to come back at somebody like that in almost a negative way," he said, adding he responds to comments made against his character and "it depends on when sometime I ignore s**t or whatever. But I will clap back stuff."

As for the 2011 match, Truth stressed that there is "no beef with me and Punk" and said the only reason his team defeated Punk's team was that "we were harder than him at that time."

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Premier TV Live with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.