Report: Young Bucks 'Kicked The Door Down' To Enter CM Punk's Locker Room

The fallout from the AEW All Out backstage fight between CM Punk and Ace Steel and Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks continues.

Fightful Select reported Tuesday evening on Punk and Steel's side of the story. Keep in mind that the new account of what happened was told to those close to Steel and Punk.

After the All Out post-show media scrum, the Bucks allegedly approached Punk's locker room and were said to have pounded on the door. After Punk didn't answer, it's claimed that they "kicked the door down." Fightful also noted that it was told by several sources that Omega didn't seem nearly as upset as it was initially reported.

Steel's wife was reportedly in the room and Steel told people that's what set him off. Steel went as far as throwing chairs and biting Omega. It's been reported that one of the thrown chairs hit the Bucks' Nick Jackson in the eye. Steel claimed that he was just looking out for his wife. The fight was said to be "very long."

The rumors about Punk injuring his triceps during the melee are untrue, according to those close to Punk. They say that the injury happened during Punk's AEW World Title match against Jon Moxley in the main event of All Out.

There are rumors swirling about the future of Punk and Steel in AEW, though those close to them say that haven't been informed about it. Most of the AEW roster members that spoke with Fightful believe that if Punk and Steel aren't let go from the company, "heavy amends" will need to be made for them to stay.