WWE MITB: Smackdown Money In The Bank Ladder Match

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Smackdown Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Big Show vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Christian vs. Matt Hardy vs. IC champion Kofi Kingston vs. Kane vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Drew McIntyre

Big Show tried to climb the ladder right off the bat, but one of the rungs broke. Show went on to destroy another rung. The early portion of the match was the wrestlers trying to take out Kane and The Big Show.

In the middle of the match, Kane cleared the Spanish announce table and grabbed Drew McIntyre by the throat. McIntyre was able to break free, but Kane turned his attention to the other wrestlers outside of the ring. Kofi Kingston then went and turned his attack to McIntyre, who was still laying on the table. After nailing McIntyre with several punches, Kofi climbed to the top of a ladder setup outside of the ring and nailed McIntyre with the boom drop from the top of the ladder!

While this was going on, Ziggler tried to climb to the top of the ladder inside the ring, but was met with a chokeslam from The Big Show. Kane then started nailing Show with punches, but Show was able to get the better of Kane and ram him in the corner with a ladder. Matt Hardy and Christian tried to nail Show with a ladder, but Show caught them and took them to the mat, and then crushed them with a splash. The Big Show is now in the center of the ring alone. Show goes to the outside and grabs a huge ladder from under the ring. Matt Striker said that the ladder weighed 350 lbs. Show tried to get the ladder in the ring, but was having a hard time getting it in from over the top rope. He then placed it through the ropes and was able to slide it in. As Show was climbing the ladder, he was met with a ladder to the back of the leg by Cody Rhodes.

Ziggler came in and took Rhodes out. Ziggler then went to climb the ladder, but Show recovered and chopped him off of the ladder. Hardy tried to take advantage, but was taken down from show. From the outside, Kofi springboarded onto the ladder. Show went to grab Kofi off of the ladder, but Kofi DDTd Show and went back to climb the ladder. As Kofi was climbing, he was met with a dropkick from the top rope from Rhodes. Rhodes proceeded to deliver 'Cross-Rhodes' on Kofi and then went to climb the ladder before being knocked down by Ziggler. Show then tried to climb the ladder, but Kane knocked the ladder over and Show went to the outside. All the wrestlers started chucking ladders on Show, and he was buried by about 10 ladders.

Back in the ring, the rest of the wrestlers battled to get to the briefcase. Rhodes got to the top, but was knocked down by Kane. Kane went to climb, but Ziggler climbed over Kane and almost got to the briefcase. He then locked on the sleeper on Kane, but Kane was able to throw him off and then threw him on the heap of ladders that were burying Show. Kane went to start climbing, but was interrupted by Kofi and Kane went outside of the ring and chokeslammed Kofi on the stack of ladders burying Show. Kane then chased Rhodes to the top of the stage and threw him face first into an armored truck setup on the stage.

Back in the ring, Hardy was almost at the top, but was knocked down by Kane. Christian and Hardy then pushed Kane off of the ladder. Hardy climbed up one side of the ladder while Christian climbed up the other. The two battled on top. Hardy grabbed the briefcase, but couldn't set it free. They continued to battle on top of the ladder and eventually both fell off and his the mat.

Drew McIntyre saw the opportunity and went to climb the ladder. Kane got back in and threw McIntyre off of the ladder and then proceeded to climb the ladder and grab the briefcase to win the match. Good match to open the PPV.

Kane won the Smackdown Money in the Bank Ladder Match.


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