WWE Vengeance: Alberto Del Rio Vs. John Cena (WWE Championship)

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Ricardo Rodriguez comes out and introduces Alberto Del Rio. The ring is still in shambles.

Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Championship:
Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. John Cena

They are doing the match with the faulty ring. Cena is wearing new gear, donning camouflage shorts. Dueling "Let's Go Cena" / "Cena sucks" chants at the onset. Right as the bell rang, Del Rio threw Rodriguez into Cena. Cena got Rodriguez in position for an AA, but was kicked in the gut by Del Rio. Del Rio proceeded to dominate the opening moments of the match.

The big story of the match was the broken ring, and the announcers were selling big how it changes the match. At one point, Cena went for the five knuckle shuffle, but couldn't run the ropes so he just dropped a punch. Moments later Cena hit a gut wrench suplex, but Del Rio got up at 4. Cena charged at Del Rio, but Del Rio caught Cena in a tilt a whirl suplex. The ref started the count, but Del Rio stopped it at 4 and continued the attack on Cena. Del Rio placed Cena under the fallen ringside post, and then jumped on it. The ref started the count again, but Cena rolled to the center of the ring and got up at 8.

Del Rio charged at him and was met with an AA. Both men are down and the ref starts the count. Both men get up around 8 and Cena for for another AA, but Rodriguez runs interference. Del Rio then locks in a sleeper hold and scissors the body. Del Rio kept the hold on for awhile, and then finally let go and the ref started the count. Cena up at 8. Del Rio grabbed Cena, but Cena reversed and threw Del Rio out of the ring into the ringside barricade since there were no ropes. Del Rio pulled himself up at 7. Cena went outside the ring, but Del Rio managed to throw him shoulder-first into the steel steps. Ref starts count, but Cena's up at 5. Rodriguez tries to interfere again, but is atomic dropped on the steel post.

Back in the ring and Del Rio charged at Cena, but Cena ducked and tripped him onto the steel post. Cena went outside the ring and grabbed a set of steel steps, but Del Rio attacked Cena forcing him to drop the steps. Del Rio then used the steps as a weapon, ramming Cena's head into them. Del Rio grabbed another set of steps and nailed Cena in the head with them. Ref started the count, but Cena is up at 9 and exploded on Del Rio. Cena started fighting Del Rio to the back and threw him over a table. Another count, but Del Rio was up at 8. Cena then pushed a giant crate on him, but Del Rio rolled out of the way.

Del Rio then slammed Cena on the crate. Another count, Cena up at 7. Del Rio then threw parts of the interview stage onto Cena. Ref starts the count, and Cena is up at 8. Del Rio starts punching away at Cena, and they head back into the arena. They trade punches, and Cena gets the better of him. Rodriguez runs interference again, and Del Rio throws Cena through the big "V" on the stage. Del Rio then grabbed a table and placed Cena on it. Del Rio then started climbing a part of the stage, but Cena grabbed him and put him through the table.

Del Rio got up at 8, and they continued fighting back towards the ring. Cena tried to throw Del Rio in the ring, but Del Rio reversed and threw him over the announce table. Del Rio then setup a table, but Cena powered back and threw Del Rio into the barricade. Rodriguez tried to run interference, but Cena nailed him. Del Rio went to kick Cena, who ducked and Del Rio kicked the post. Cena then setup the steel steps next to the announce table and got Del Rio up on his shoulders for the AA. Cena climbed to the top of the steps and threw him through the table. Cena said that "was it" and went back in the ring.

The Miz and R-Truth his the ring and assaulted Cena in the ring. Miz and Truth hit their finishers on Cena, and the ref was distracted by the assault. Miz and Truth took off, and Del Rio got back to his feet. The ref continued the count on Cena, but he got up at 8. Del Rio grabbed the belt and clocked Cena with it. The ref started the count and Cena wasn't able to make it. Del Rio wins the match.

Alberto Del Rio (c) defeated John Cena


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