More On Dixie Carter Rumor, Billy Corgan Responds To Dave Meltzer, Vince Russo Chimes In

One of our writers noted earlier that the Voices of Wrestling podcast made some comments on their most recent show at the 40 minute mark about Dixie Carter and an errant email that was sent to a group of people. It was a story similar to the Mike Johnson – Vince Russo debacle that happened last year, when Russo accidentally emailed creative instructions to Johnson meant for Mike Tenay. We don't report news or stories from podcasts that aren't from wrestlers or top names in the business, so I alerted the writer and deleted the article.


While I can't confirm or deny the podcast story, I spoke with a couple of wrestlers in TNA this morning and they hadn't heard anything about it. I was also told that the only thing they've heard recently from the company was that Dixie would be addressing the cancellation reports at the next set of TV tapings in June.

It should be noted that Dave Meltzer stated in a tweet in response to Billy Corgan that he had documentation on a story that was similar to the Johnson – Russo one. Corgan had initially knocked Meltzer's report about Destination America cancelling TNA and Meltzer compared Corgan's response to that of Russo when the email story happened. Corgan replied, "For your info I did read your highly irresponsible piece. And as much as I love Vinny Ru this is a different situation."


Meltzer then tweeted:

Having been such a focal part of the debate, Russo himself chimed in on the exchange: