Chael Sonnen Claims Roddy Piper Was Going To Pass The Piper's Pit Torch Down To Him

Chael Sonnen recently debuted for Jeff Jarrett's Global Force Wrestling as a color commentator at the company's Las Vegas tapings, but according to the former UFC title challenger, there were plans for a whole lot more than that.

Sonnen said on Louder Noise that Jeff Jarrett and Global Force Wrestling had reached an agreement with the WWE Hall of Famer to do a version of Piper's pit at the tapings. Sonnen ended up cutting a promo of his own at the show instead.

"(Jarrett) just got a commitment from Piper last night that Piper and I would work his next show in Las Vegas and do a reenactment of 'Piper's Pit," said Sonnen, while speaking to host Mike Straka.

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It didn't stop there, though, as Sonnen also claimed that the idea was to pass the torch of Piper's Pit along to him, although likely in a different name as has been the case with Miz TV, The Cutting Edge, and several others.

"After we did one, Piper would pass the torch to me and then I would take over the 'Piper's Pit.' Under what name, I'm not totally sure. Real close connection right there, particularly time-wise," Sonnen said.

This is the first we've heard of any connection between Global Force Wrestling and Piper, but the company had once agreed to bring in Scott Hall, who still often works with WWE. You can see the full video of Sonnen's comments above.


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