Chyna Responds To Sean Waltman's Claims, Talks Alleged Incident With Triple H This Week

As noted earlier, Sean Waltman claimed on Twitter that Chyna "bum rushed" Triple H at Roddy Piper's funeral last Tuesday. Waltman wrote:

"She may have met him a few times & you're exactly right.She bum rushed Hunter & said 'Sorry for Everything!' Pathetic."

He later wrote that Chyna crashed the funeral, however he quickly apologized and rescinded that claim, noting that he found out that she was indeed invited to the service. He did say that she was "very close to being taken down by security, whether she knows it or not," due to the past accusations of a physical dispute that she's made towards Triple H, that Triple H has vehemently denied.

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Chyna issued the video above to respond to Waltman's claims. While holding back tears, she stated that she didn't need to justify her relationship with Piper to anyone, and that Piper had been a dear friend for over a decade.

She also addressed the alleged incident with Triple H. She admitted that she didn't know that Triple H would be at the funeral. At the end of the service when everyone was paying their respects, she ended up in front of him. She said that she very calmly embraced him and whispered in his ear about how she's sorry about past comments that she's made.

"I whispered in his ear how deeply sorry that I am for anything that I said under emotional distress," Chyna said. "With everything I've gone through, I know it's understandable, but I realize that it's not justifiable. I wanted to tell him that, for me. There was no altercation, there was no security. It was a tender moment between two people who once cared about each other and [are] grieving over a lost friend."

You can watch her full statement in the video above.