Former UFC Champion Returning For Title Fight, Floyd Mayweather Used Banned IV?, Heavyweight Champ

- Former UFC Bantamweight Champion Dominick Cruz is returning to the cage after fighting only once in four years due to several ACL injuries. Cruz will face current UFC Bantamweight Champion TJ Dillashaw on January 17 on Fox Sports 1. The fight will be the first championship bout to air on the network. Dana White announced the fight on this week's UFC Tonight.

It appears as if the UFC is planning to make a mid-January show on Fox Sports 1 a big annual event, as it gets a major lead in from NFL football. This year's show, which featured Conor McGregor, broke ratings records on the Network. It was also helped by the following Monday being a holiday, allowing fans to enjoy programming later that Sunday.

- Dana White also announced this week that the planned Fabricio Werdum vs. Cain Velasquez fight wouldn't be happening until March, because Werdum didn't want to fight until then. Werdum's camp told Ariel Helwani of UFC Tonight that isn't the case, and he's ready to fight in December or January.

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- According to a report by ESPN, Floyd Mayweather used an illegal IV to rehydrate prior to his huge fight with Manny Pacquiao. The substances within the IV were not banned, but the NSAC did not grant an exemption, USADA did. The NSAC has said that USADA doesn't have the authority to issue that exemption.


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