Rey Mysterio has had his issues with WWE. His highly publicized desires to get out of his WWE contract last year were well known, and it appeared that the two sides didn’t part on good terms, much like his longtime foe, Alberto Del Rio.

Del Rio recently returned to the WWE, shocking many, including Mysterio. Regardless, Mysterio says he doesn’t blame Del Rio for doing it. Mysterio spoke to WrestleTalkTV recently about the situation.

“I actually didn’t expect (it), but I’m glad he did,” Rey said. “If you ever get the opportunity to go back, and that’s where you want to be, why not? Take advantage of your time. Your time is a blink of a second.”

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Mysterio elaborated on the short window that pro wrestlers often have to make a living, particularly in the WWE.

“I started at a very young age with WWE, and I was still in my prime,” Mysterio explained. “I enjoyed it so much, I have no regrets, and I’m enjoying my life as it is. He deserves to be there. They’re in lack of Latin talent, he’s a perfect Superstar to be an idol for the hispanic population.”

Rey himself hasn’t ruled out a WWE return, as the two have had casual talks this year. You can see Mysterio’s full comments on the Del Rio-WWE situation above.